уторак, 30. април 2019.

Gentle Savage releases a new single & video called ”Karelian Magic”

Lately the Finnish band Gentle Savage has been working with producer Timo Kämäräinen and mixing engineer Jesse Vainio. With their contribution, the bad has found a more musical, yet rougher sound.

Watch the music video for Karelian Magic on youtube:

Listen to the single:

Vocalist Tornado Bearstone says:
Karelian Magic is a fairly personal love song, but one side of the story is universal; every man who loves his woman, knows what it means to be under her spell. It's a positive spell that empowers you. About the awesome female voice you hear on the track; that`s my friend Rita Lovely singing there. I think Rita's vocal parts really spiced up the song.

The video happens in a modern, fast moving graphic environment. Director Saku Perintö from Lumifilms got this idea of putting some magic into the video. Therefore the video is built on graphic shapes, optical illusions and storytelling.

About the band:
Gentle Savage started out on one July morning when Tornado Bearstone was looking at the sunrise, thinking about the meaning of life. Suddenly he got the idea of starting a new rock band. Drums, bass, guitar, hammond organ, piano and good vocal parts. That seemed to be the right recipe. 

Six months after that morning the band was rehearsing with the first line up. It took years to find the right people to deliver the right sound and the right attitude. It wasn't until spring  2016 when  the official Gentle Savage MK1 was formed. Rooted deep in classic rock, blues and hard rock this new solid lineup started playing their rock music with honesty and pride.

The first EP came out January 13th 2017. along with some shows and a video for the song Far Side In 2019  it is time to release some new material and start playing shows with the new MK2 line up:
Tornado Bearstone - vocals/guitars;
Jay B. - drums, backing vocals;
Sami Virtanen - guitar, backing vocals;
L.A.Arthur - keyboards, backing vocals;
Jarkko.A.Ahonen - bass, backing vocals;

Inverse Records
Kiramo 3a8
40100 Jyväskylä

петак, 26. април 2019.

De Lirium's Order Has Released Their Fourth Album Singularity.

Finnish technical death metal act De Lirium’s Order is releasing their fourth album Singularity today, April 26th 2019. via Inverse Records.

De Lirium’s Order was formed in 1998. by guitarist Juha Kupiainen and today, it is one of the most praised groups in technical death metal. Drawing inspiration also from thrash and progressive metal, De Lirium’s Order is known for their creative, experimental guitar riffs, solos and drum patterns. The current line-up consists of musicians from the acts like Abbath, Omnium Gatherum and Raskasta Joulua. The band’s previous album release Veniversum (2012) gets now a much awaited continuum with Singularity which again opens new musical pathways for the band through the album’s futuristic, ambitious concept.

Juha Kupiainen comments: After releasing our previous album Veniversum, we have kept low profile until we were contacted by an unknown agent who encouraged us to compose new music that reaches beyond the stars.

We aligned our thoughts with the concept of Singularity, both technical and physical, and started our journey to create the conceptual, explorative and the very best album ever to come out from the oven of De Lirium’s Order.

About the production of the album, Kupiainen states: Several compositions date back to 2010. After receiving the inspiration for Singularity in 2013, I had to be patient enough to mature the ideas and compose new tracks over the course of five years. I have had the best possible lineup to program, arrange and perform the music to forge this album in its full-length.

Singularity’s cover art was created by the renowned light artist Hannu Huhtamo. For the promotional photographs, Huhtamo also embedded the band amidst his creative light art illustrations. In order to capture the band group photo, the band was asked to stay completely still for 3 minutes while he was painting light around them.

1. I Have Awakened (Intro)
2. Ayatollah
3. Singularity
4. Surfaced
5. The Billion Year Contract
6. Acoustic Medley
7. Orion's Cry
8. Piazzolla
9. The End of Time

Watch music video for Orion’s Cry: https://youtu.be/tVSgVMou684
Watch music video for Singularity: https://youtu.be/dZXL7F6F-hQ

Listen to the album:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Zx7w9H
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/album/94716642
Tidal: https://listen.tidal.com/album/108309410

Order Singularity CD: 

Kari Olli - vocals;
Juha Kupiainen - guitars;
Vesa Nupponen - guitars;
Erkki Silvennoinen - bass.

Ukri Suvilehto - drums;
Mikael Salo - clean vocals on Singularity, Surfaced, A Billion Year Contract, Orion’s Cry and The End of Time;
Marko Salonen - clean vocals on Piazzolla;
Viivi-Maria Saarenkylä - accordion on Acoustic Medley and Piazzolla.


Inverse Records
Kiramo 3A8
40100 Jyväskylä

Serbian Death Metal Legion "Sacramental Blood" Has New Lyrics Video and Line Up

Death metal division Sacramental Blood has unleashed new lyrics video for song Sanctimonious, taken from their critically acclaimed debut album Ternion Demonarchy.

Listen to it on Youtube:
The album recently got it’s Mexican edition, thanks to SP Records​ and Grind Gut-Wrenching Records. It was previously released on CD through Ghastly Music (Japan) worldwide and Miner Records (Serbia) for ex-Yugoslavia territory, as a digipack by Insane Records/Lab6 Music (Brazil) for Brazilian territory and by Rebirth the Metal (Germany) on tape worldwide.

After a year long break Sacramental Blood managed to finally recruit a new drummer, Balázs Botyánszki. The new line up will have its debut on June 11th in Novi Sad (Serbia), supporting Cannibal Corpse.

Srdjan Todorovic - guitars/vocals;
Milan Dobrosavljevic - guitars;
Domagoj Domazet - bass;
Balázs Botyánszki - drums.

Cannibal Corpse, Sacramental Blood, Autopsy Night event: https://www.facebook.com/events/412838816117449/  

Post Pulse Has A New Single

Finnish-American death metal band Post Pulse have released new single titled Generation 217!

Helsinki, Finland: Post Pulse (members include Shining (Nor), ex-The Man-Eating Tree, ex-HUNG) release their new single Generation 217 to the world today (April 26 th 2019). The track is available as a free download from the Post Pulse Bandcamp page, or you can listen to it on all your favorite streaming and download sites like Spotify or Apple Music!

The second single of 2019, Generation 217 is a powerful song aimed at getting your fist in the air and your head banging! From beginning to end, this song is designed to bring energy and get you excited for metal!
The new lyric video can be viewed now on YouTube:
Post Pulse is available for interviews and participation in other exclusives. Please reach out to info@postpulsemetal.com directly!
Stalk Post Pulse Online:
Official Website: http://www.postpulse.com
Listen to the single Generation 217:

Inverse Records
Kiramo 3A8
40100 Jyväskylä

Shadecrown Has A New Single

Finnish melodic doom/death metal band Shadecrown has released a single Incomplete from the upcoming album Riven!

Check out the music video here:
Listen to the single on various streaming sites:

The second album Riven shall be released later this year by Inverse Records. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by keyboardist and songwriter Saku Tammelin at Painwood Studio, Viitasaari, Finland.

Jari Hokka
Joonas Vesamäk
Tomi Tikka
Saku Tammelin
Janne Salmelin
Kalle Varonen


Inverse Records
Kiramo 3A8
40100 Jyväskylä

Thrash from North Karelia - Maniac Abductor released a new music video

North Karelian thrashers Maniac Abductor have released a new music video for the song Fooled Again, taken from their upcoming debut album.

A thrash Metal band from Joensuu (Finland), Maniac Abductor, will release their debut album called Casualties of Causality on May 10th 2019. via Inverse Records. Now the band has released the first single/music video Fooled Again from the album which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/GWXML6-9jF8.

The band comments:
"The road from our previous release music video/single Fight or Die to the release of our debut album has been long but rewarding. The composing process of the album has made us grow as a musicians and Fooled Again is a primary example of that. It was the first brand new song composed for the album. It contains the attitude and aggressiveness combining the new and old school elements, which has worked as a foundation of our Thrash Metal. Sound vice for the album we were looking for more grandiosity and tightness, and we achieved that in the studio with Fooled Again, which we have used as a base for the album".


1. Fooled Again
2. Watery Tomb
3. First World Disease
4. Evil Brotherhood
5. Destroyer Of Worlds
6. No Hope For You
7. Hatebound
8. Thrash Assault
9. Troops Of Doom (Sepultura cover)

Inverse Records
Kiramo 3A8
40100 Jyväskylä

четвртак, 25. април 2019.

Atmospheric metal band Alase to release debut album in June - first single out now!

Finnish atmospheric metal band Alase is set to release their long-awaited debut album Vastaus on June 7th 2019. via Inverse Records.

Their music is a melting pot of various genres, but the main focus is on the melody and atmosphere. There are a lot of influences outside metal music as well. Lately Alase has added more and more elements from post rock and progressive metal. Musically, Alase has similarities with bands like Katatonia, Swallow the Sun, A Perfect Circle, The Ocean and Pain of Salvation, just to name a few.

Listen to Vastaus single on:
Youtube >>> https://youtu.be/JHNQS8yjxBA
Spotify >>> https://spoti.fi/2ID8sUN
Deezer >>> https://www.deezer.com/us/album/93772712

Guitarist/composer Janne Lunnas comments the single:
"Vastaus song represents many sides of Alase musically. It leads into the more progressive side and also shows the familiar melodic spheres that Alase is well-known about."

Alase’s guitarists Mikko and Janne started to write music for the debut album Vastaus during spring 2017. Later, in the same year’s autumn drummer Janne Kusmin decided to part from Alase as his primary band Kalmah was getting to be more busy with their newest album and touring. Mikko and Janne decided that it is better to do the Vastaus album with session drummer and they were lucky to find the right man, Toni Paananen (Malpractice), to do the job.

After the composing of the songs was finalized around February 2018, it was time to book a studio for tracking the drums. Toni Paananen played the drum parts for all 8 songs during one weekend at Värähtely Creative studio in Vallila, Helsinki, where studio engineer Janne Storm handled the recording.

Rest of the instruments and vocals by 6 different vocalists were recorded mostly in several home studios which took about 7 months to complete!

Vastaus album has been mixed and mastered by Ari-Pekka Repo and vocals on the album are mixed and produced by Markus Hirvonen. Music on the album is produced by Janne Lunnas. All Alase lyrics are written by Anni Aho. All the graphics and trailer video related to the album and digital singles are made by Sakke Paavola

Pre-save Vastaus album on Spotify: http://bit.ly/2UT9O48 

Track list:
The album CD:
1. Vastaus
2. Näkyvä
3. Binary Stars
4. Osa minua
5. Vaienneet
6. Vapaaksi merkitty
7. Riisuttu
8. Haukka

Bonus CD:
1. Vielä
2. On jatkettava
3. Kidukset
4. Utopian hellimät
5. Erehdykseni
6. Sanaton syytös

Line-up on Vastaus album:
Janne Lunnas: guitars and composition;
Mikko Häkälä: guitars and composition;
Ari Miettinen: bass;
Toni Paananen: drums.

Vocalists on Vastaus album:
Markus Hirvonen (Noumena): Vastaus, Näkyvä & Riisuttu;
Ville Nisunen (Vini): Binary Stars;
Jani Ala-Hukkala (Callisto): Osa minua;
Eemeli Bodde (Mors Subita): screaming vocals on Vapaaksi merkitty;
Sami Honkonen (Embreach): clean vocals on Vapaaksi merkitty;
Janne Lunnas: choir/ambient vocals on Vastaus, Vaienneet & Haukka + screams on Näkyvä & Osa minua.

Bonus CD vocalists:
Vielä - vocals: Markus Hirvonen
On jatkettava - growls: Ari Nieminen (Whorion, Dauntless and Hanging Garden), clean vocals: Ville Saloranta, Screams: Janne Lunnas;
Kidukset - vocals: Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun), backing vocals: Markus Hirvonen;
Utopian hellimät - vocals: Markus Hirvonen;
Erehdykseni - clean vocals: Juha Simola (Owler), Screams: Jouni Koskela (Clock Paradox & Abysmalia);
Sanaton syytös - vocals: Marko Eskola (Crystalic), growls: Jukka Marjoniemi.

Band photo: Sakke Paavola & A. Aho.
Album cover art: Sakke Paavola.


joni@inverse.fi for promos, pics, interview requests, etc.

Inverse Records

уторак, 23. април 2019.

Phantasmagoria и Asphalt Chant у клубу Pulse 18. маја 2019.

Joy Division night in memoriam Ian Curtis 18.04.2019.

Kонцерт загребачких (ex-YU) dark rock легенди Phantasmagoria и београдског dark dark wave бенда Asphalt Chant. Уједно ће наступити и ди-џејеви Tomi Phantasma и Alimpije.

У суботу 18. маја 2019, у београдском клубу Pulse (бивши Underworld) који се налази на адреси Рузвелтова 1 (подземни пролаз код Вуковог споменика), ће се одржати вече посвећено једном од великана алтернативне рок сцене, Ијану Куртису, фронтмену легендарних Joy Division и то поводом 39. годишњице његове смрти. Joy Division су једна од највећих и најутицајнијих alter rock група свих времена, а Ијан Куртис је био  њихова главна окосница захваљујући мрачним, поетским текстовима и оригиналној вокалној интерпретацији.

Уживо ће наступити загребачки dark рокери Phantasmagoria који су баш на овај датум пре тридесет година одржали свој први наступ у препуном, тада култном загребачком клубу О.К. Ђуро Ђаковић, где су у то време наступали сви алтернативни бандови попут: КУД Идијота, Мајки, Сатана Панонског, Мизара и многих других.

Phantasmagoria ће извести посебан програм заснован на претежно старим песмама због прославе 30. година бенда и свог првог наступа, као и понеку новију песму али и неизбежну Јоy Дивисион обраду. Као специјални гости исто вече ће наступити све популарнији београдски бенд Asphalt Chant који свој звук темеље на dark и gothic сцени из осамдесетих.

Након концерта слиди dark party на ком ће фронтамен Phantasmagorie, иначе познати загребачки DJ Tomi Phantasma и фронтамен групе Asphalt Chant, DJ Алимпије, пуштати dark, post punk, new wave, gothic, electro, synthpop... То јест групе попут oy Division, Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie & The Banšees, Killing Joke, Čristian Death, The Sisters of Mercy, The Cult, Virgin Prunes, Marč Violets, Mizar, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Swans, Fields of the Nephilim, Laibač, DAF, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Borghesia, Die Krupps, Rosetta Stone, Clan of Xymox, Diva Destruction, Cassandra Complex, Mortiis, Heroes Del Silencio, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, Human League, Covenant, Placebo, EKV, Jesus & The Mary Čain, Nick Cave, Pixies, The Smiths, Editors, Interpol, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, London After Midnight, White Lies, She Wants Revenge, She Past Away, Ramones, Paradise Lost, Rammstein...

Врата се отварају у 21:00, а цена улазница ће износити 300 динара и моћи ће да се купе само на улазу клуба на сам дан концерта.

Страница догађаја на Фејсбуку: https://www.facebook.com/events/318144832457071/

четвртак, 18. април 2019.

Enchantya' New Album Coming Out in May 2019.

Enchantya proudly present their new album On Light and Wrath, with a whole new band line-up, and featuring talented guests, such as brilliant violinist Gonçalo Fernandes, a choir of professional musical theatre singers and DESIRE’ s frontman Corvus (Tear). It is going to be released on May 24th 2019. by the Finnish label Inverse Records.

The next step in their melodic metal sound, On Light and Wrath is a musical essay about the two extremes of the human psyche and the struggle for balance within and outside the soul.

While staying true to the band’s musical roots, Enchantya now experiment and explore with their various influences, releasing their most heavy and bombastic songs, while also their most soothing sounds in this new opus, including revolution anthems, crestfallen love songs, dark fairytales and more, creating a journey that will stay with the listener long after the last song ends.

Music video is done for the track The Beginning which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/_GqZEaviolc

Singer Rute Fevereiro comments:
"The Beginning is a song about accepting and improving life the way it is and therefore, the first step is to get rid of toxic people who make you waste your energy on them. It's a new start of life"

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias (Moonspell, Bizarra Locomotiva, We Are the Damned, Sinistro, etc.) at the Pentagon Audio Manufacturers

PRE-ORDER On Light and Wrath CD: https://bit.ly/2UpjxhD

PRE-SAVE On Light and Wrath digital album on Spotify: https://bit.ly/2UdEAVd

2006 - Moonlighting the Dreamer (EP)
2012 - Dark Rising (Massacre Records)
2019 - On Light and Wrath (Inverse Records)

Rute Fevereiro - vocals and growls;
Bruno Santos - guitar;
Fernando Barroso - bass;
Fernando Campos - guitar;
Pedro Antunes - piano, keys and orchestrations;
Bruno Guilherme - drums.

Band Links:

среда, 17. април 2019.

Marduk и гости у Београду 24. априла 2019.

MM Concerts и Serbian Hellbangers поносно представљају:
Marduk / Valkyrja / Attic
Дом омладине Београд
од 20:00.

Ветерани black metal сцене Marduk су најавили свој повратак у Србију!

Marduk тренутно промовишу свој последњи студијски албум Viktoria који је објављен у јуну ове године за Century Media Records.

Шведски великани су дефинитивно миљеници домаће публике и један од ретких black metal бендова који на свакој актуелној турнеји не пропушта шансу да се врати и на наше просторе.

Специјални гости на концерту и целој турнеји биће њихови сународници Valkyrja, бенд који је поносно наставио са ширењем искеног духа екстремног ундергроунд покрета који су Marduk у првом таласу покренули почетком деведесетих година прошлог века.

Исто вече публику ће озбиљно продрмати и све популарнији occult heavy metal бенд Attic из Немачке који свој стил гради на бесмртном наслеђу легендарног King Diamonda.

20:00 - улаз;
20:30 - Attic;
21:20 - Valkyrja;
22:35 - Marduk.

- претпродаја: 1900 динара;
- на дан концерта - 2500 динара.

Продајна места:
GigstixTicketvision (стандардне типске улазнице);
MungosFelix (штампане oldschool-fan улазнице).

Официјална страница Фејсбук догађаја:

Romanian Blackers "Ordinul Negru" Will Release "Faustian Nights" Album on Vinyl

Following the highly successful release of their most recent studio album, Faustian Nights, on CD, Romanian black metallers Ordinul Negru are now following up with its release on black vinyl format, too.

Considered their best effort to date and highly acclaimed by the Rock and Metal press all over the World, Faustian Nights (released by Loud Rage Music) features the following tracks:

1. Approaching the Door of Damnation;
2. Killing Tristan;
3. The Apocalypse Through A Hierophant’s Eye;
4. Oculta Kormos;
5. Elder Magik;
6. Faceless Metamorphosis;
7. Sol Omnia Regit;
8. Faustian Nights.

Faustian Nights was recorded by the following line-up:

Fulmineos - guitars, vocals
Urmuz - guitars, vocals
Orthros - bass
Putrid - drums, percussions

Guests on the album:
S vocals (1);
Marius Costache - sounds (1);
Cari Tibor - piano (7);
Emese Sinmartinean - vocals (8);
Edmond Karban - tulnic (8);
Daniel Neagoe - vocals (8).


Temple of the Stars' album Nightspirit is Set to Be Released on May 10th 2019.

Temple of the Stars is the new band of Tobias Tåg who is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Korsholm, located at the west coast of Finland.

This music is sonically nocturnal and melodic, with a lot of folk elements presented within an atmospheric rock context. It's a mix of folk, rock, prog, and metal that's going to appeal to a wide audience. The songs are catchy but they also have a sense of mystique.

Watch "Nightspirit" music video here: https://youtu.be/A3KOnGcU9uM

Nightspirit album was written and recorded by Tobias Tåg and co-produced and managed by Mathias Lillmåns (frontman of Finntroll and Magenta Harvest). The lyrics on the record were written by Thomas Finholm and the bass tracks was laid out by Niklas Norrgrann. The album was mixed by André Alvinzi and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studio in Örebro, Sweden. It is going to be released by the Finnish label Inverse Records.

Tobias Tåg: vocals and all instruments except bass.
Niklas Norrgrann: bass 

Forsaken Crown Releases Debut Album

On April 27th 2019, a young Belgian deathcore / modern metal band Forsaken Crown is going to release debut album titled The Ignorant One. This full length will be released through the band themselves as an independent release.

Forsaken Crown is a band of young musicians mainly from Belgium and France. They evolve in a register of deathcore metal. The band was made by Cédric (drums) and Thomas (bass) back in 2014. Alexandre (vocals) and Matthieu (guitar) join the project quickly. The group is announced in February 2015. and begins its first dates in May 2015.

Since then, the band has been playing many dates with internationally renowned bands such as Length of Time, Leng TCh’e, Resistance, Age of Torment, Dagoba, Do or Die, Smash Hit Combo, Moments, Komah, STAB, Aborted and many others. They never stop adding concerts in Belgium and France. In December Julien, 2nd guitarist, came to complete the line-up. Forsaken Crown won the opportunity to open the 2016. Rock or Ride at the beginning of that year.

In 2017. the group focuses on their first album and stops playing live for 2 years for personal reasons. The first album will finally come out on 27th of April 2019.

Band members:
vocals - Alexandre Malachenko;
rhythm guitar - Matthieu Leclercq;
lead guitar - Julien Moury;
bass guitar - Thomas Vandries;
drums - Cédric Tiborcz.


Press promo:
Mike de Coene (at Hard Life Promotion)

уторак, 16. април 2019.

Cannibal Corpse и гости у Новом Саду 11. јуна 2019.

MM Concerts и Serbian Hellbangers у сарадњи са СКЦНС представљају:
Cannibal Corpse Sacramental Blood Autopsy Night 11.06.2019. у хали 6 новосадског сајма.

Лидери екстремног death metal звука се враћају код нас!

Ако постоји бенд о коме није потребно писати посебне најаве, онда су то сигурно Cannibal Corpse. Зачетници brutal death metal правца, бенд који никада није скренуо са свог зацртаног пута, бенд који никада није поклекао пред безбројним цензурама и забранама.

Четири године након њиховог претходног феноменалног концерта одржаног у београдском Дому омладине бенд се враћа у Србију. Овога пута, премијерно у Нови Сад где ће фановима приредити један од својих бруталних концерата и представити пресек своје богате каријере.

Специјални гости на концерту ових metal легенди биће:

Домаћи death metal ветерани Sacramental Blood који су до сада већ делили бину са многим страним и домаћим именима, а иза себе имају два демо снимка, два сплит издања као и званичан студијски албум објављен 2016. године под називом Ternion Demonarchy који је побрао одличне критике од стране дмаћих и светских underground медија.


Публици ће се представити и одличан brutal death metal бенд из Русије - Autopsy Night - који активно ради још од 1996. године и врло је цењено име на тамошњој сцени. Бенд је објавио неколико демо и ЕП издања али и три званична студијска албума од којих је последњи објављен 2018. године под називом Anatomical Integrity Dissolution. Ове године одабрани су да наступе и на Metal Days фестивалу у Словенији.


Цене улазница:
- претпродаја >>> 2.400 динара;
- на дан концерта >>> 2.800 динара.

Продајна места:
- Gigstix, Ticketvision (стандардне типске улазнице);
- Mungos, Felix (штампане oldschool-fan улазнице).

Званична сатница:
19:00 - улаз;
19:30 - Autopsy Night;
20:30 - Sacramental Blood;
21:45 - Cannibal Corpse.

MM Concerts, Serbia

уторак, 09. април 2019.

Guide for Music Unaware of Borders: International Compilation “Tajne mape podzemlja 2 / Secret maps of the Underground 2“ (Underground Music Collective, 2019)

Written by: Desya Lovorov.

After publishing of the first part of compilation, it seems that this story ends, for some time, but occasion for publishing the second part is more than justified: Underground Music collective was celebrating third year of existence on March 28th, 2019 – three magnificent years of cooperation within a little group of people, which thrive to know each other even in person, and still working on underground projects!

You can listen to the second part of compilation here.

First impressions on the second part of compilation are that it is a bit harsher and more experimental then the first part, but even though, general opinion and motivation why The Secret Maps of Underground 1 & 2 are published is diversity of genres and communal attempt to gather music which is unaware of borders, and borderlines of creativity, lean on unselfish enthusiasm and solidarity and give it to the music world for listening and enjoyment.

Authors and songs list:
Srđan Mišović - Les Oubliettes;
Apostate - From Dust... To Ashes;
Страхор - Fuck The Modern World;
Chelios - Under Your Feet;
Lebensgefahr - Vague Skin;
Suicide Kid - Grau-roter Morgen;
Carnosus - Insidious Saviour;
Consume -  Consume (Wild Impulse);
MoranA - Pustolina;
Nucleus - Deadly Eyes of Plague;
Nekros - Delirium;
Eris - Unholy;
Dishate - Dishate;
Večiti Kašub - Večiti Kašub (Eternal Kashub);
Perversor - Virtual Antropophagy;
Gorlagon - Gospel of Blasphemy;
Pro-Past - No Life;
Orthostat - Incitatus;
I Am - Baba Vanga;
Dawn of Creation - Revelation AK-47;
Протонеурозис - Закон Понора (Law of Abyss).

Call for interested publishers is still active.

Blitzkrieg #11

Пише: Антонио Ј.

Aetranok: Kingdoms of the Black Sepulcher
Ови амерички блекери својим другим албумом су могли одрадити много бољи посао, само да су се макар мало потрудили. Продукција и поред тога што је лоша звучи као прикладан омаж европском black metalu са краја деведесетих, почетка двехиљадитих. Једино што је требало барем да вокале ставе у други план, пошто су невероватно напорни за слушање. Мало клавијатура убачених ту и тамо, подоста закивачких ритмова и зујеће-режећих гитара, бас који се не да разазнати од остатка инструмената - класика. 

Aornos: The Great Scorn
Мађарски one-man пројекат Aornos својим прошлогодишњим издањем није променио превише у односу на раније радове. Но, то не значи да је The Great Scorn лош. Напротив, ово је black metal какав и треба да буде - помало mardukast. На тренутке ме је подсетио на старији Arcturus. Веома добро издање које топло препоручујем.

Death is Death: Death Wears Suit
Албум финских трешера Death is Death је највећим делом невероватно досадан за слушање. Да није повремене промена темпа и пауза између песама, помислио бих да се један исти ритам констатно понавља. Утисак се не мења чак ни током споријих деоница. Испразно и беживотно издање.

Forth: Captivity
Канадско-фински бенд Forth би се могао дефинисати као neogrunge/alternative rock бенд. Мало духа Сијетла, мало Nickelacka, мало Black Stone Cherryja, али свега лепо дозираног. Од свега наведеног је пробрано најбоље, прилагођено шареноликијем аудиторијуму. Radio friendly? Апсолутно! Али, то у овом случају уопште није лоше.

GarhelenthAbout Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth of Tragedy
Оригинално ирански дуо је током година битисао у Грузији, док је тренутно у Јерменији. Свирају, сасвим предвидљиво, black metal, мада се на моменте да осетити и мало deatha. Коректно издање је у питању, без неких спектакуларних момената, те и више него подношљиво за слушање.

Progeny of Sun: Progeny of Sun (EP)
Модерни melodeath на фински начин. Catchy, наравно, упаковано тако да слушаоца купи на прву лопту. После пар преслушавања није тешко закључити да је и ово само још једно у низу сличних издања које ем што не нуди нешто ново, већ ни сам приступ материји није свеж. Ипак, не може се бенду превише замерити због тога, пошто је одрађен генерално добар посао. Добро баратање инструментима, солидна продукција и, што је најбитније - песме држе пажњу. То је понекад и више него довољно.

Red Moon Architect можда и јесу започели са радом као melodoom бенд, али овде имамо типичан funeral doom metal успорен готово до крајњих граница. Депресивно издање, дакако и предугачко, пошто се на њему налазе само три нумере које укупно трају нешто више од 40 минута. Мало кокетирања са dark ambientом и noiseом појачава утисак тескобе и потпуне измождености. 

The Sullen Route: Last Day in Utter Diseases
Волгоградски melodoom/melodeath бенд The Sullen Route je 2016. објавио своје последње издање и од тада је неактиван. Оно што се да закључити је да и те како умеју да направе добар албум. Са свирачке и идејне стране се нема шта замерити, али је продукција на Last Day in Utter Diseases могла бити много боља. Она највише квари крајњи утисак пошто албум више звучи као мало бољи демо. Но, вреди га преслушати.

U. Pasanen Band: Long Long Way
Овакву музику ћу слушати за једно двадесетак година, дефинитивно. Блуз-рок са маторце који се приближавају пензији, у пабу обавезно седе за шанком и млађаном конобару у свакој могућој прилици откривају тајне универзума: како треба да звучи права музика, како се спрема савршен гулаш и каквог укуса мора бити добра ракија.