среда, 31. јануар 2018.

Kombo #39

Written by: Lord of Hate.

The Finnish Mind of Doll shoot us with their Speak No Evil EP. Well, it’s a mixture of different kinds of rock and roll, ranging from the 70's to the 90's sound and, of course, putting their own stamp on it. Their songs are mostly straight-forward and aggressive, without forgetting melody in a couple of moments. In their slower parts they sound kinda modern and not so hard –mostly because of their vocalist- while in the heavier and fast parts they even resemble Motorhead. It’s recommended for all those who are hungry for new rock with a fresh touch after almost 2 decades of the new century. 8/10.

To continue with the Finnish horde, we have Red Raven Down with their Phantoms EP. It sounds like melodeath music with groove metal vocals. The drum patterns continuously keep the rock and roll pace while the guitars keep up with melodic riffs. Sometimes, it actually sounds like metallic rock music which, combined with the groove metal voices, bring this 21st-century-sound that seems to be the choice of the least extreme metalheads. The atmosphere is mostly melancholic and heavy at the same time, so I hope you kinda get the idea. 7/10.

And we close the Finnish triplet with Vinide and their album Reveal. Symphonic heavy metal from the beginning to the end. Lots of keyboards, melodic vocals, solos, high-standard musicianship, some choral female voices here and there, not even one single aspect executed with weakness… What else can be said? All you might expect from a Nordic band of this genre, put together in one recording. Additionally to the music you find a few intros with people talking against the extermination of the human race. Talking globally, this album is not for those who prefer tougher stuff, it’s a release for fans of virtuosity and melody put into a very baroque metal sound and played with perfectionism. 9/10.