понедељак, 29. јануар 2018.

Kombo #38

 Written by: Lord of Hate.

The Colombians Defamatory bring their amazing Premature Burial album. At the beginning it reminds you the early Morbid Angel vibe, but little by little you can realize these guys have their own sound. And it’s awesome! Old school fast-and-evil death metal. Not too polished, not too raw; just catchy enough as for letting you hear everything without getting annoyed by an overproduced sound. It just sounds natural and clear. The best thing here are the vocals, with a raspy style, sounding brutal and evil at the same time. As for the song writing, the band always keeps the balance between speed and slowness along the album (no ugly surprises at all), being fast most of the time (yes, they use some blast beats) with a few slow parts here and there. Maybe some critics would say these guys are not inventing anything new, but that’s not their intention at all! These guys just play their favorite music with mastership. Everything is set just in the right point. No weak spots! 10/10. 

Cavalera Conspiracy strikes with Psychosis. I was expecting another episode of the patented groove metal that either the Cavaleras and Sepultura have been used to play over the last 25 years. But no. This album was a surprise because it has a much thrashier vibe than its predecessors. It’s not a back-to-roots thrash album… at all. But it, combines the modern sound of the Cavalera brothers with thrash influences. As the album goes on, you can find slower songs. Most of those slow songs have a quite remarkable industrial influence, with the groove still there but not so present. Sometimes it reminds the listener the touch of Nailbomb. Weaknesses? Maybe, the only one would be the sound engineering, which doesn’t even get close to capture the actual brutality these guys have live; but it happens with all of their albums, so if you like how the others sound you won’t be disappointed. 8/10. 

Now, the classical Floridians Morbid Angel deliver their new offer Kingdoms Disdained. Yes, this is the long-awaited album with the new line-up. The same one. Good album or not? It entirely depends on the listener’s point of view. Some will praise it by saying it sounds like a classical Morbid Angel album. On the other hand, others will be disappointed because the new members don’t add anything that hasn’t been delivered before; of course, it’s because Trey Azagtoth is on command and tells them what to do. Whatever the case is, it’s Morbid Angel sounding as it’s expected to do, mixing speed with slowness and playing with high-standard musical skills. Maybe they are lacking the "surprise" element but it’s obvious they are not trying to break any musical boundary. Anyway, perhaps that’s what they were looking for in the first place: accomplishing what their traditional fans expected from them, without any ambition for being more extreme or anything like that. 8/10.