недеља, 10. децембар 2017.

Kombo #32

Written by: Lord of Hate.

A German band called Tyakrah presents us Wintergedanken. What can be said? SOLID! Doom/black metal written, played and recorded with mastership. Slow melancholic songs with enough rhythm changes as for keeping you attentive, with a few occasional speed bursts or even blast beats. The vocals sound mainly shrieking with a few “clean” voices put there at the right moments. The sound (specially on drums) has just the right amount of rawness, making the album sound organic and powerful at the same time. You can even find an interlude and a creepy outro that let you “breathe”. Not a single weak aspect. 9/10.

The Architecture of Chaos album belongs to the Canadians Satanic. Old-school thrash with certain orientation to death metal. Not too slow, not too fast, just keeping the headbanging vibe there all the time. It has all the right elements required to conform a band of this kind: the love for the old stuff, satanism, the aggressive vocals ala Sodom, good sound, good performance and skills… But there’s something missing here… The band is good but there’s not anything special to differentiate them from other thrash bands. Maybe their riffs need more intensity, maybe they lack more tempo variations (faster sections), maybe the sound needs a more evil atmosphere or perhaps all of this together. Anyway, it’s a good release from a promising band with the right attitude. 7/10.

Cortex Impulse is a Russian band that brings us their Once in a Lifetime EP. In few words? Heavy metal with a strong groove metal influence. If you ever wondered how a mix like that would sound, check it out. The music remains mostly mid-tempo combined with slower sections filled with double kicks. Guitars are pretty clean and heavy at the same time, with certain virtuous approach and vocals are more rock-oriented than metalish, in the 90s rock style. There is a more melodic song in the middle, to add the melancholic touch to the disc. It sounds like a honest band with a natural attitude. No fake pretensions. 7/10.

We Hate You Too strikes from France with their album Howling Scars. It can be described as a collection of doomish and creepy piano tunes (and other additional instruments from time to time) followed by the constant presence of a raspy-and-growling death metal voice along the 7 songs of this release. There are also a few melodic vocal lamentations at moments, though. The songs are not long but the final track lasts 32 minutes. The strength of this band resides in the deep atmosphere of the piano, which is amazingly magic and brutal. The weakness is the lack of compatibility between the growling voice and the music. Some people could say it’s “unique” or “original”; anyway, if you want to swallow a long album of a man growling beside a piano, it’s up to you. 5/10.

Cryostasium hails from the USA with their EP entitled Starbound. If you like slow black metal with the rawest sound as possible, this is for you. No shrieks at all, let me warn you. Instead, there are some constant (and monotonous) choral lamentations, but it practically remains as an instrumental album because those voices are felt as part of the background. Very few tempo variations and the music keeps basically the same from the beginning to the end, despite having some fast sections. The sound is so raw that it’s even difficult to notice what the drummer is actually playing at some moments, due to the amount of shine of the cymbals and the guitar equalization. Annoying? Fascinating? It all depends on how “trve” or “raw” you feel. 4/10.­