среда, 22. новембар 2017.

Kombo #31

 Written by: Lord of Hate.

"Humanity Zero", from Greece, brings "Withered in Isolation", a very well-conceived death-doom metal release. It sounds brutal and extreme without having an extreme death metal sound setting. Their power resides in the atmosphere instead of a brutal distortion. Guitar leads have some melancholic tunes, very well combined with some occasional violin and keyboard interventions, which are usually moderate along the album except for the last track, which has too much keyboard in it. Putting that track aside, it’s high-quality death-doom with a very personal sound. 8/10.

The Spaniards "Moribundo" are a good example of very brutal and heavy death doom metal with an extreme sound setting, in their "Raíz Amarga" debut album. Well produced, well played, well sung. Nevertheless, it’s not all about brutality because these guys have occasional piano arrangements in every song. Maybe, it would fit much better in a band like Humanity Zero, but when a band sounds as brutal as Moribundo, the piano is just unnecessary. Surprises? Yes. A couple of sections with blast beats. In general, it’s a band for fans of slow brutal music mixed with melancholic piano tunes. 7/10. 

From Brazil, we have "Dirty Grave". Their album "Evil Desire" is some sort of hard rock in the early-70s style, influenced by Black Sabbath and probably also by some other satanic bands from then. Something special with this band are the really fast solos and the doom-oriented slow parts. Much more metalish than any other hard rock band in the style, with a lot of groove in it. There is enough tempo variety as for not getting bored; nevertheless, you have to be pretty much into this kind of rock. Not for fans of fast music. Very solid, all the instruments combine with each other and the vocals fit particularly well, which is something hard to find in underground bands of this kind. 9/10. 

The Argentinian band "Granada" delivers "Sincronizado", a good example of southamerican groove metal (sung in Spanish) with a thrashy death metal influence. Music stays groove most of the time, with some sparks of mid-high speed here and there, even with a bit of slow-and-short blastbeats at some moments and a few melodic sections. Well produced, but the weakness of the band is trying to be too eclectic. Too many influences involved, without being powerful enough as for impressing anyone. If you like underground groove metal bands that try to show off how “original” they are, go ahead and grab it… but you won’t get impressed, anyway. 5/10. 

The Czech Republic has always been fertile land for bands with an original sound. This time, "Solfernus" is no exception to the rule thanks to their album "Neoantichrist". We could say it’s some nice-and-fast black metal, in general, although there are some slow (and not great) songs. Perhaps, the most similar stuff would be early-Zyklon’s fast parts; but these guys still have their own sound. There is a good variation of rythms and a good dose of blast beats. Their weakness? The melodic arrangements: one acoustic guitar in a couple of songs, some choral vocals in another, atmospheric keyboards in another, and so on… These guys could be significantly more solid without them, but those occasional stuff just don’t help. A band of very talented musicians who still have room for improving their songwriting. 6/10.