недеља, 05. новембар 2017.

Kombo #30

Written by: Antonio J.

A crew that goes by name "Asylum 8" is coming from Finland and "Repressed" is their first full-length studio effort. I must admit that they have done a good job here, although there is a space for improvement. Anyway, music here can be described as a mixture of industrial metal and "Commodore-like technodance". Don't get confused by the latter description, or terrified - keyboards and following sound effects are in the vein of the good old C64 video games, thanks to the SID chip. If it's easier for you to imagine how it all sounds like, think of them as "Machinae Supremacy" and "Sybreed" symbiant. But, when I first played this album, it reminded me of the Croatian band "Cyber Hate" because of it's energetic and groovy, yet melodic sound with really good production. 4/5.

Their countrymates "Kaos Krew" are on the scene for some time now. Their latest effort, titled "Returno", is a a decent release. I had much higher hopes from it after the first two singles (End My Pride and Panama) were released: it's good, but in the end nothing special. What we have here is something that could easily stand as a soundtrack for some of the games from "Quake" series. Mid-tempo industrial rock with unpolished (or, better to say - unfinished) production, strong riffs and rock'n'rollish solos. But, as I mentioned before, it should have been better. Three very good songs, one live bonus and a bunch of fillers. 2/5.

"C" is the third album released by the Scottish alternative metal band "The Colony". It continues at the same place where "Time of Wolves" stopped. From seven tracks that we got here, four of them are completely in the vein of their older material, while the other three are a bit different. You can hear how their sound became more sophisticated and consistent, so the variety of styles goes from classic heavy metal, across atmospheric prog-rock, to modern metal. At some points they reminded me of a band called "Pinwheel" from US. I once wrote that "In Flames" should ask these guys for a hint or two, hehe. It sounds like a joke, but I still stand behind that statement. And although I really liked this album, I feel that something is missing, like it's somehow incomplete. When the last song comes to it's end, I expect for the "party" to go on, but there's nothing but utter silence. And then I have to play it all again. 4/5.

Swiss legends "Samael" have a brand new album called "Hegemony" and it sounds as almost everything they have released in the last 14 years. From the "Reign of Light", all their albums (besides the outstanding "Above") sounds the same. OK, not exactly the same, but are all defined by the same genre criteria. I mean, all of these releases are really good, but the band is offering absolutely nothing new. There are some super-singles, as same as a lot of tracks that get catchy after a couple of listenings and that's just it: it is all predictable and heard before. 3/5.

Serbian hardcore punkers "Metež" are everything that you need when you want to party hard! Their "spit in your face" lyrics and stampedish riffs are the shortcut to a blood collapse. Band's fast music simply crushes everything that's on its way and every beat is howling that they are taking no prisoners. This is how uncompromising attitude of "zero fucks given" should sound like. Simply excellent! 5/5.