субота, 02. септембар 2017.

Kombo #26

Written by: Antonio J.

Russian "Ram-Page" are playing a decent mixture of death and thrash metal. Sometimes they add some blackened and even brutal/slamming tunes, which is very nice. In that way they extend variety of their core sound. Production on "The Grave of Seven Billion" is good, as same as the musicianship. Although the band doesn't bring anything extraordinary or innovating to the genre, this refreshing release is a good choice if you like to headbang until you break your neck. 8/10.

Their countrymates "Dig Me No Grave" are also fine musicians, but their album "Immemorial Curse" didn't satisfied expectations I had (although it's much better than "From Past Aeons"). Band crew certainly knows how to make some hellish riffs and a couple of songs here are very good, mainly because of the guitar solo parts. On the other hand, during the listening, I always felt that something was missing: it's like your favorite dish, but without the key spice in it. Anyway, I am sure that death metal fanatics will enjoy listening to this release. 6,5/10.

Finnish "Rekoma" should think about finding someone who can sing the clean vocal lines way better. Growl/harsh vocals are all right (although there's some space for improvement), but the clean ones are simply terrible. I enjoyed the music itself, but it is hard to concentrate on good parts when there is a guy who is trying to sing and fail at it most of the time. Only because of it I am giving 5/10 to "Eadem Errata".

"Post Pulse" had an opportunity to fix the situation and they succeeded at it. "Halls of the Damned" is consisted of various groove/thrash and death influences, so you can expect nothing but mostly fast and energetic album. There are also a couple of mid-tempo songs with some very slow (almost atmospheric) and weird parts, a bit chaotic and (some would say) cacophonic, but in a positive way. Adding small doses of chaos in the order can shake things up, which makes the whole release very interesting to listen to.  8/10.