недеља, 13. август 2017.

Kombo #25

Written by: Antonio J.

Guys from “Letal Cross” are playing some sort of black’n’roll, which sound very nice, even when you aware of the fact that “Maldita Nación” is just a demo. Sorry, my mistake: it’s not “just a demo”, it’s a kickass demo, by all means! Four tracks with the punk-like attitude and killing solos are more than enough if you need something to boost your body and mind besides your daily dose of coffee. If you like “Helltrain” and “Kvelertak”, then I recommend you this Chilean band. 9/10.

Zurvan” were formed in Iran, but later they moved to Germany. Their sound somehow reminds of the Serbian legendary bend “The Stone” and that’s a big plus. What I’ve heard on “Gorge of Blood”, their second album, can be described as a typical catchy black metal, excellent both for those who are discovering this type music, as same as for those who have a “long time blackened internship”. It’s not an extraordinary release by any means, but you won’t make a mistake if you play it once or twice in a while. 7/10.

Skein” are coming from Finland and their music can be described as a mixture of dark, a bit melancholic rock and lightweight melodoom metal. The transition between those styles is done very nicely, so it sounds interesting to hear how almost metalcorish, headbanging parts slip into more calming parcels. So, if you like to lie on bed in a darkened room while gloomy music is playing on, “Deadweight” is definitely an album for you. 9/10.