субота, 29. јул 2017.

Kombo #24

Written by: Antonio J.

Serbian band “The Father of Serpents” sounds like “Paradise Lost” on its best days and that is just a top of the hill, trust me. What we can hear on “Age of Damnation” is the perfect blend of the doom and gothic metal, where this sextet brilliantly shows that their other influences (“My Dying Bride”, “Saturnus”) gave them some cool ideas to paint their own canvas. I admit that it’s damn hard not to compare them with previously mentioned bands, but we are not talking about some simple copying or paying a tribute to that sound, no sir. For the first official release, this is a perfectly done job. 9/10.

SinnerAngel” from Colombia are playing some sort of melodic black metal, which sounds fine to me. It’s not something extraordinary, but it’s quite satisfying. I must say that it’s nice to hear this kind of music, unspoiled from the modern trends in the metal nowadays. “Sinister Decálogo” has everything that you crave for: melodic riffs, good solo parts and harsh-like vocals (with lyrics sung in Spanish) that fits very well with the music. 9/10.

It’s quite popular among newer bands to mix different subgenres in their music. It seems that Finnish “Nemecic” are trying not just to keep the step with their colleagues, but to lead the way. It’s good to hear bits of melodeath, melogroove and modern metal on “The Deathcantation”, but it’s even better when you find out that that this blend is not some cheap generic product for the post-NU generation. You should give a chance to this bend, so play this record a couple of times on your player. 8/10.

Nightstop” is the electro pop / synthwave instrumental band from Finland. Their album “Dancing Killer” reminds me of the times when I was just a kid: it has that 80’s thrillers’ spirit which I don’t like very much. But, in this case, it is doing its role just fine. The first time I listened to this record, I thought about “Wolf Among Us”, an excellent video game which has music similar to this one, with that dark, almost grim tone despite all that cheerful facade. If you like to hear something that is completely different from your favorite tunes, this is a very good choice. 8/10.